The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Grant is designed to help Americans, including those facing significant employment barriers, secure and retain high-quality jobs. It supports both ongoing employment needs and the economic recovery by providing training and career services through two main programs: the Adult Program and the Dislocated Worker Program.

The Adult Program under WIOA aims to assist individuals aged18 and over, focusing particularly on those who are low-income or lack basic skills. Services include job search assistance, labor market information, and individualized career services such as comprehensive assessments and personalized employment plans. Training opportunities are also provided, combining vocational skills training with literacy and educational activities, designed to enhance job readiness and employment stability.

The Dislocated Worker Program targets individuals who have been laid off or are at risk of losing their job due to economic changes or company closures. It offers similar career services as the Adult Program but with additional support tailored to rapid reemployment. Training is geared towards equipping workers with new skills that are in demand in the current job market, ensuring they can transition smoothly into new roles or industries. Support services like transportation and childcare assistance are also available to ease the burden during training periods and job transitions.

Serving the following counties:

  • Barron
  • Chippewa
  • Clark
  • Dunn
  • Eau Claire
  • Pepin
  • Polk
  • and St. Croix Valley  (Serving Pierce & St. Croix Counties)