Preparing Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Careers

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Building Bridges Between Job Seekers and Opportunities

Empowering People Through Employment
Workforce Resource Inc., is a private, non-profit corporation committed to assisting individuals within their communities prepare for jobs through education, training and/or support services. Our programs help individuals from all backgrounds and ages with a priority of service given to low-income individuals, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

Job Seeker Programs

Unlock your potential with these programs for achieving professional development and success.
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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youths
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Wisconsin Works
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FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Program
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Independent Living
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Transitional Jobs
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Anti-Human Trafficking

Empower Your Business
With Workforce Development Assistance

At Workforce Resource, Inc. (WRI), we stand ready to assist your business in achieving its talent acquisition, training, and retention objectives. Our organization has a long-standing history of delivering workforce development aid to companies in the West Central Wisconsin area for over 40 years.

Rapid Response Assistance

Navigate business closures and downsizing with confidence. WRI will develop and implement an effective transition strategy that maximizes your workforce potential.

Work Skills Training

Invest in your employees' development and unlock their full potential. WRI handles your workforce training needs to boost productivity and retention.

Working Together For Your Success

We are a part of networks that are instrumental in helping provide job seekers and employers with expertise and resources to support them in achieving their goals.
Job Center of Wisconsin
American Job Center

Never Miss An Update

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