Work Skills Training

For Employees
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Worker Preparation and Training

Through its operation of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act and other programs, WRI has access to hundreds of individuals from all skill levels who are looking for work opportunities having completed individualized job preparation, including combinations of assessment, career planning, occupational skills training, job readiness instruction, work experience, and job search instruction. WRI is networked with area training providers, including area Technical Colleges and Universities, and can be a valuable resource to assist you in addressing any short or long-term training needs you may identify for your current or emerging workforce. In addition, WRI can assess individuals recruited through the processes above to determine eligibility for training and preparation assistance. Such assistance can also be applied to the pre-screened individuals referred from our Job Seeker registries.

Such assistance can take the form of:

Work Experience

Where eligible individuals can complete a no-cost job trial period while on WRI payroll to determine job compatibility and job fit with no risk to the ultimate employer, including workers’ compensation or unemployment compensation cost liability.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Through which the cost of training eligible individuals can be offset through reimbursements to the employer for extraordinary training costs generally amounting to 50% of wages for a negotiated training period based on an analysis of the job and the individual's capabilities.